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Transgender Mania Is Built on Lies

By March 14, 2024Commentary

The medical industry pushes transgender nonsense because they make a lot of money from it.  It creates lifelong patients with immense physical and mental health needs.  Like a never-ending stream of income.  The supposed medical professionals involved in doing this don’t give a damn about their patients.  And there is no objective research showing any benefit to patients from the treatments, particularly the children it is increasingly pimped too through a well-funded and secretive network of teachers, school counselers and others.  Recently, a large drove of documents showing how one influential medical group made up recommendations to justify this butchery of children, but knew there was no evidence supporting the recommendations and knew that children and young adults can’t really understand what is happening or give informed consent.  As is often the case, this group is also linked to pedophiles.  There is a reason they are interested in sexualizing children.  It is all despicable.   (ZH Post)

And here is a piece of research among many showing the lack of benefit and harms of gender dis-affirming care.  People who had surgery to attempt to change their biological sex, which is impossible to do no matter how many surgeries you have, were far more likely to seek psychiatric care after the surgery and to attempt suicide.  I wonder how many people pushing this insanity on children tell them the mutilation will lead them to want to kill themselves?  (Urology Article)

There is some hope, at least outside the US, for a return to sanity.  England has banned giving puberty blockers to children, not just because there is no evidence of benefit, but because of the clear evidence of serious harm to the recipients physical and mental health.  These are dangerous drugs, with irreversible effects that are routinely lied about.  Delusional transgender activists, who as far as I can tell are all violent thugs, went ballistic.  The medical community in the US makes a fortune off these practices so it will be hard to change here, but there is always hope.  Lawsuits by those mistreated are the absolute best way to put an end to this barbarism and to punish the perpetrators.  (ZH Post)

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  • MLR says:

    It’s not the money. It’s the ideology and herd mentality. It’s the Lysenkoization of science. Not least of which is that transgenderism is what happens when a mental illness is transformed into a civil rights movement.

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