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More on Whacked Child Sexual Identity Mutilation

By February 29, 2024Commentary

For whatever bizarre reason that the whacked pro(re)gressives have chosen to push this issue, they are doing immense damage to children’s mental and physical health.  It is hard to find good research on the impact because the researchers are almost all lunatic ideologues so they either make up data to support what they believe or if any researcher wants to do honest research, they can’t get public.  So any real research is often being done overseas, where insanity has not quite reached levels in the US.  A new, updated, metareview of the research, conducted in Europe, finds that there are no good quality studies that show any mental health benefit from use of puberty blockers or hormone treatments in children with supposed gender dysphoria.  And there are substantial potential health harms which are ignored by advocates for gender-disaffirming care.  The authors recommend that only psychiatric treatment should be utilized.  I have an even better idea–how about we create a culture around children that tells them they should be happy the way they were born, happy to be a boy or a girl.  That is real gender-affirming care.  (PB Study)

This study from Finland also finds that there is no benefit from these treatments in terms of preventing all cause or suicide mortality among children.  The despicable advocates for encouraging child confusion about their biological sex use emotional blackmail by claiming not confusing children will lead to suicide.  That is bullshit and the study also recognizes that the children most susceptible to this garbage already have mental ill issues, so it is a case of preying on the most susceptible.  (BMJ Article)

And here is a review on the negative cognitive impact of giving kids puberty blockers and hormones, effects that persist even after treatment is stopped.  But as I said, the proponents of this nonsense, and the medical providers that make a lot of money mutilating children, don’t care about the actual impact on kids.  (AP Article)

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  • David says:

    Has anyone projected the damage that will happen to “Providers” when those Children reach Adulthood and realize they have been Raped and Abused by “Professionals”?

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