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CO2 Levels and Temperature

By February 28, 2024Commentary

When you read research in any area, and then you see the memes prevalent in the mainstream media, you would easily despair about how people ever get actual facts and an accurate picture on any issue.  Climate science is a perfect example.  We are upending our entire economy and wasting trillions of dollars to create an electricity generation capability that is far more expensive, far less reliable and very damaging to the environment, all because of a myth that higher CO2 levels lead to higher temperatures, and of course, cheap and reliable fossil fuels–coal and natural gas have CO2 as a byproduct.  I refer to this as a myth because the data, much of it based on proxies, shows that CO2 levels have been far higher in past epochs and that there is a questionable link between CO2 levels and temperature.  For the millionth time, if you look at all, you can find data on this and here is the latest Willis Eschenbach explication of the facts.  The post raises substantial questions about how CO2 could control temperature and even more importantly, agains suggests that the relationship may well be the other way around, that higher temperatures lead to higher levels of CO2.  And since extensive human CO2 emissions are a relatively recent phenomenon, within the last 100 to 150 years, it may also be that the past relationship, which was entirely natural, may not be the best guide to what is currently occurring.  (WUWT Post)

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  • David says:

    I’m hopeful that when some certain Air Head Deamoncrat Loudmouths are voted out CO2 levels as well as our Sanity will approach normal levels!

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