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DEI in Medicine

By February 6, 2024Commentary

I am very fortunate to have a lot of accomplished readers.  One sent me some information on pass rates for medical specialty board exams, which are alarming.  Board certification is a way of ascertaining that a physician actually learned something in medical school and understands how to handle very complex cases.  The Board certification process is rigorous, lasting two days with testing on over 200 clinical scenarios.  Board certification indicates that the physician has a lot of knowledge, skill and experience, and doctors typically don’t take the exams til they know they are ready.  But pass rates for those taking these Board exams is falling.

In the past, pass rates were 95% or higher for cardiology, now they are at 86%.  The group handling the Boards blames the epidemic, but the fall is coincident with the rampant spread of DEI in medical schools, which led to admission of unqualified students, passing them through the programs regardless of learning, and then certifying them to practice.  There are a ton of unqualified people coming through the pipeline.  And the medical boards and their employers will do everything they can to hide their incompetence and negligence, but it will show up in quality data and malpractice suits.  This is literally life and death, and we are intentionally putting lesser qualified doctors on the front line to satisfy woke nonsense.  Today’s doctors are also not being taught to treat patients as individuals, but as a member of whatever group.  I have said it before, if you need health care, go to an older doctor or go to the south or Rocky Mountain states, except Colorado.

And here is a more general article on the dangers of DEI to any occupation that relies on science and math.  The erosion in competence and selection and advancement of people based on anything but ability affects not just the economy, but our lives.  These are the people designing cars, airplanes, bridges, roads, power plants, etc.  (You think the Boeing issues are just random?)  And they are increasingly incompetent, literally.  Not happening in China, which is why they are suddenly miles ahead of us in science.  (Science Article)

Any person of any skin color, gender, ethnic background, religion or other characteristic is capable of maximizing their learning, their skill acquisition and their experience in any field.  But you have to work at it, you have to learn, you have to study, you can’t have it just handed to you without any regard for your willingness to work and learn, or worst of all, you can’t be given a job when you haven’t demonstrated that you have learned and have the skills.  But that is exactly what is happening, with doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots, every profession.  And it will kill people.  It isn’t necessary, it is just run-amok ideology.

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  • Dan says:

    As an engineer I need to comment on what you said about Boeing. I don’t think you can compare incompetent engineers to incompetent doctors. An incompetent engineers work is pretty easy to spot since they have to do computations and come up with results. It’s managers job to accept or reject the results. Results from a DEI engineer that make no sense should not be used. Boeings problem in the past has been they don’t listen to their engineers and good engineers will call that out. In other words it’s incompetent manager’s problem not engineers.

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