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A Little Plastic Hilarity

By January 30, 2024Commentary

Pro(re)gressives, especially those of the predominantly environmental tribe, always seem baffled when their ideologically driven policies don’t produce the desired results, often actually produce the opposite of the intended effect.  Demonize and defund law enforcement, why who would have thought that crime would increase.  Plastic is bad, very bad, as we all know, especially plastic bags, so let’s ban them or force them to be recyclable or reusable.  Plastics also are generally made with fossil fuels.  Banning them will be great for the environment.  A study of New Jersey’s single-use plastic bag ban suggests otherwise.  While single use plastic bags declined, the reusable kind increased dramatically and these bags use way more plastics and tend to end up floating around on streets just as often.  They are not recyclable either and their manufacture creates more greenhouse gas emissions.  An all around win for environmentalists, right?  Retailers loved it because they started charging consumers for the reusable bags, making a huge profit.   This outcome is totally predictable, for everyone but environmental whackos who lack any common sense.  (Freedonia Report)

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  • D says:

    I miss journalism where this would be good for the public-at-large to know. We suspect electric vehicles will produce the same results. Recycling sounds great, but it’s glorified and somehow magically all the plastic, glass, and more are used again. We live in a fairy tale.

  • Pamela says:

    Loved reading this! Stoopid people seem to mostly be of a certain party…hmmm… wonder why? I know, but in my self-preservation mode, I choose not to say. I’m athinkin that majority of smart people already know which one I’m referring to.

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