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The Future of No Electricity is Here

By January 27, 2024Commentary

Regions of America are already beginning to experience loss of electricity as periods of extreme demand cannot be met by a system that is increasingly reliant on the unreliable, expensive, faddish, “renewable” energy.  Look at the numbers in this post.  Look at the relative costs of various types of power generation.  If you coupled this with a chart of sources of power, you would see that the only thing, other than government subsidies, which at least some of us pay for with taxes, keeping utility prices down is the fact that all wind and solar power added generates very little electricity.  If we were even 50% reliant on renewables, bills would double.  (ZH Post)

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  • Larry says:

    Germany and England will be there first countries to “hit the wall” attempting to generate >50% electricity (24/7/365) from wind/solar in terms of both feasibility and cost. Hopefully, when this happens the US will have time to re-evaluate the GND approach and bring back more gas fracking and pipelines into use before it’s too late.

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