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Lies About Bias in the Criminal Justice System

By January 17, 2024Commentary

The Center for the American Experiment has done work on this topic specifically addressing Minnesota clearly showed that for the same crime, African-Americans were actually less likely to be convicted and to have lighter sentences.  With the advent of worthless non-prosecutors like Mary Moriarty in Hennepin County, the situation has gotten worse.  And those in poorer and more heavily minority neighborhoods, like North Minneapolis, pay the heaviest price for this disregard for catching criminals and getting them off the streets.  So mayhem prevails.  And pro(re)gressives don’t give a damn, because they don’t live in those neighborhoods and they prefer to pontificate than to actually make people’s lives better.

On a national level, this research shows in a compelling fashion that there is no bias apparent in the statistics or in reality as anyone paying attention knows.  We no longer have the rule of law in this country, we have rule by race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.  If you are African American you are far less likely to be arrested, charged, convicted or sentenced.  So if crime has no consequences, what do you imagine is the result–there is more crime, particularly by those who are excused because of their race or other factor.

The authors did a meta-analysis of 51 studies on the topic of bias in sentencing.  There was no statistically different sentencing outcome across races and the best quality studies showed the lowest difference.  Many studies purporting to show disparities suffered from obvious bias.  But trust me, this will never stop the Dems from bleating on and on about systemic racism.  There is systemic racism, but it is perpetrated by them against whites, Asians, Jews and anyone else they label as an oppressor.  I think we know who the oppressors are.     (Crime Research) 

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