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Weather and Renewable Energy

By January 16, 2024Commentary

A few little tidbits on what is happening with weather, before determining a climate trend takes at least 50 to 100 years in my view, so anything shorter than that is weather, and the renewable energy folly.  You will recall that Al Gore told us there would be no ice in the Arctic by like 2010, including in the winter.  He has since pushed that out every year by another ten or fifteen years.  And this year we have the highest level of arctic sea ice in 21 years, so Al will have push his climate doom tripe out another few years.  Why is this occurring?  Because weather varies around the world.  We may be having a somewhat warm winter in the US, but Europe and Russia are having record-breaking cold.  (DS Post)

Canada is led by a woke moron, but at least he isn’t senile yet.  This clown has led Canada down the renewable energy rabbit hole, in a country with tons of cheap gas and oil that could provide inexpensive reliable electricity.  So Alberta, where much of these natural resources are found, is having issues keeping the lights on, because, wait for it, when it gets really cold, the wind doesn’t blow much.  And needless to say, there is no sunlight in most of Canada in winter.  Albertans are being warned of impending brownouts or blackouts.  Just what anyone needs during the cold, cold winter.  Welcome to the pro(re)gressive fantasyland, where you can warm yourself with delusions of do-gooding, but not much else.  (WUWT Post)

And we shouldn’t get too comfortable in the US, because experts on electricity availability are pointing out that as we keep closing coal and gas plants, our electricity supply is diminishing and getting more expensive.  We are right on the edge during big cold snaps of not being able to keep lights on or people warm.  And all the cheap renewable power is not only not there, it isn’t cheap.  Look at the comparisons in this post and you can see the real cost of various energy sources.  Wind and solar are ten times as expensive as natural gas.  We have plenty of natural gas in the US and it is extremely reliable.  And we are going to need it as we electrify everything, including cars, and AI uses incredible amounts of electricity.  We should be pushing to have all electricity come from natural gas or nuclear power and dump the renewables that are blighting the landscape, ruining the environment and costing a fortune.  (ZH Post)

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