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The Grotesque Effects of Identity Politics and Woke Ideology

By December 26, 2023Commentary

Only in American academia, where morons can get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach nothing useful and create nothing but misery, could woke ideology thrive.  The core of this nonsense is that certain characteristics like race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, are the most important thing in the world, and that some people with certain of these characteristics have been “oppressed” and others with different characteristics are “oppressors”.  What is really oppressive is having to constantly listen to and see evidence of this bullshit, which because our professions are taught in academia, has spread to every sphere of American life.

Behavior and notions like self-responsibility mean nothing, all that matters is one’s victim status.  So the country is sinking into a cesspool, particularly where this ideology governs, as it does in most big cities and certain states like California, New York, Illinois and my home state of Minnesota.  But fear not, a key component of woke drivel is “identity”.  You can change what you are by what you feel like you “identify” as.  And you can change that identity any day of the week, repeatedly.  You too can be a vicitm and oppressed.  You can identify as black, or a Muslim, or a Palestinian, or a woman or man regardless of your born biological sex, or one of 893 other genders, or even as a cat or maybe a tree.   You can identify as anything.

Now the lunacy of the woke movement is exposed because of conflict in the identity scam.  I mean, you can really let old white heterosexual men identify as black or a woman, or anything else, because then where would you find the oppressors?  So you get the woke theorists expounding on who actually might be permitted to adopt a victimized identity.  Sounds like discrimination and oppression to me.

In any event, this is a long lead-up to a follow-on to research I cited a couple of weeks ago.  All this focus on identify and victimhood has led many minority groups to actually increase their racist and other stereotyping and discriminatory attitudes and behavior.  We see it every day.  And the research shows it, with another study showing that minorities are far more anti-semitic than are white people.  The authors purport to be perplesed by why, but it is obviously a result of the academic ideological scam, which has created more polarization and disunity than any other movement in the country.  (Anti-semitism Study)


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