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Gosh, Why Is Everyone Moving to Republican-run States? (With Chart)

By December 23, 2023December 25th, 2023Commentary

Yesterday I talked about the latest census numbers on population movement among states and population growth in regard to my home state of Minnesota.  Today I want to take a good look at the national numbers.  The files are available here.  (Census files)    First, let’s take a longer look, at the time period from April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2023.  Movement may have been partly influenced by the epidemic and it’s unmooring of jobs from place of work, but is also largely a reflection of the increasing political polarization and the growing insanity of pro(re)gressive policies, which make Democrat governed states and cities impossible for rational people to live in.

During this time period, Florida gained a net 819,000 residents from other states, Texas 656,000, North Carolina 310,000, South Carolina 248,000, Arizona 218,000 and Tennessee 207,000.  Of the top ten states gaining residents, only North Carolina and Arizona have even a nominal Democrat presence, as the Governors managed to slip in in a sketchy election, but the legislatures are Republican so policy can’t get too crazy.  Every other state is Republican-run.  The top losers are the usual suspects,  California 1.2 million, New York 883,000, Illinois 364,000 and New Jersey 153,000.  All of the top ten losers are fully Democrat-run, with the exception of Louisiana, which has a Democrat Governor.  Even on a percent of population basis the gains and losses are impressive.

For the year from July 1, 2022, to July 1, 2023, the pattern is identical.  California lost 338,000, New York 217000, Illinois 83,000; and so on, while Texas gained 187,000, Florida 194,000, North Carolina 97,000 and South Carolina 83,000.  If anything the rate of change has accelerated.  Minnesota lost 4700 people to domestic migration, but had a large immigration inflow so had a slight population increase.

One significant point that should be made is the unfairness of waiting ten years for House seats to be re-allocated among the states.  It should be done every 5 years, and it were, there would be a major swing in seats among Democrat and Republican states, probably on the order of at least 15 to 20 seats.  That would make a substantial difference in the Republican majority and remove power from morons like Matt Gaetz.

I don’t think there is even any need to explain why this massive movement is happening.  It is self-evident.  High taxes, high crime, incredible levels of government spending and waste with poor services, worsening public schools all are major contributors to people finally getting fed-up enough to leave the Dem states and head South and to the Rocky Mountain states where common sense prevails.

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  • Blackwing1 says:

    All of the reasons for people voting with their feet can be summed up by governments that:
    – Subsidize parasites
    – Penalize producers

    As far as the census goes it should simply be reduced back to its original intent of finding out how many people of voting age, or who will become of voting age in the next census period, are domiciled in a given dwelling. That’s it; one simple question. All of the bullshit about how many toilets are in the house, or even what your age is (other than “over 18”) or what sex you are (if you know) or what color your skin happens to be must be eliminated. Keep it simple and cheap and you could do it every five years for a fraction of what doing it every ten years now costs.

    Without the intrusive privacy-violating BS they’d probably get a much higher level of compliance as well.

    Last time a census taker came to the door I him that there were two people of voting age domiciled here, and that we were through. When he persisted in asking further questions I simply pointed to the property line, told him where it was, and to get himself back over that line or I’d have him arrested for criminal trespass (it only becomes a crime here in WY after you’ve been asked to leave the property and fail to do so). He left.

  • Hari says:

    Come down to Iowa, Kevin, and get out of that Hellhole of a state-except for the fishing.

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