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Sweden Had it Right

By December 21, 2023Commentary

Here is what Anders Tegnell, who initially led Sweden’s response to the epidemic, wrote to the inquiry Britain is holding on Sweden’s response to the epidemic.  Some UK politicians are trying to claim that country should have locked down harder and for longer and are saying Tegnell influenced the government not to do so.  People in UK would have been lucky if their politicians had followed Tegnell.  Sweden was one of the few countries to not panic and close businesses and schools and force people to isolate.  Sweden’s approach has now  at least implicitly been recognized as the better one, as most people now are accepting the immense damage done, especially to children, by the lockdowns.  A post at UnHerd discusses the Swedish response.  (UnHerd post)  Tegnell’s written statement beginning at Number 32 is worth reading in full, as he calmly and succintly discusses what he recommended Sweden do early on in the epidemic.  (Tegnell Statement)

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