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The Economist Discovers Media Bias, and All It Needed to Do Was Look in the Mirror

By December 19, 2023Commentary

This is kind of a funny story from the Economist, which used to be and still kind of is a good place to get a good summary of what is happening around the world.  The magazine actually did a fairly good job of constructing an analysis of bias in the US media–whether toward conservatives or liberals.  To anyone with any objectivity it is blatantly obvious that most newspapers and electronic media in the US are nothing less than Democrat and progressive mouthpieces, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where this editorial was republished, being exhibit A locally.  The Economist analysis confirms this and confirms that in the last five years this trend has gotten even worse.  The media routinely uses starkly different adjectives to describe anything related to conservatives versus Democrats.  Republicans are almost always portrayed negatively and Democrats positively.  It’s intentional as there is no such thing as objective journalism in media companies anymore, they are run by ideologues bent on advocacy and indoctrination rather than truth.

What is hilarious is that the Economist itself displays these same trends and engages in complete nuttery about climate and other topics.  Might want to heal itself while it is busy pointing out flaws elsewhere.  (Economist Article) (Strib Version)

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