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Fossil Fuels Are Here to Stay, and then Some

By December 19, 2023Commentary

John Hinderaker at Powerline writes an excellent post on the real state of coal and fossil fuels in the world.  This is not some conspiracy theory—China and Russia are spending money to get the US and Europe to move to expensive and unreliable “renewable” energy, while they not just keep using, but keep increasing their use of fossil fuels, including coal.   I am astounded by the lack of investigation into foreign countries’ meddling in our public policy on energy topics.  Meanwhile, as multiple articles and analyses continually point out, China and India in particular continue their ongoing heavy use of coal to generate electricity.  Look at the charts in the Powerline Post and you will not only see how much coal they use, but that they are still building new coal plants.  These are smart countries, what do they know that we don’t?  It’s obvious–coal is relatively cheap and very reliable.  And they understand that the “warming exists and is caused by CO2 from fossil fuels” hysteria is just complete garbage.  Unfortunately I think it will take a number of blackouts and consumers getting fed up with constant large increases in utility bills before we wake up as a country, and then it will take years to rebuild nuclear and fossil fuel plants to provide the cheap and reliable energy that is one foundation for a sound economy.  (Powerline Post) 

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  • Trader John says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Can we agree to STOP using the word “FOSSIL” .

    Those are LIQUID FUELS (and gaseous NG) ….

    NO way they came from 90% Water living matter just dying over an oil field ! The oil was/is there , just like the Gold, tin , Water , etc in the earth ! Labs have tried to make any kind of carbon fuel out of temp and pressure on dead matter and failed .

    “Fossil” fuel is term coined by the Darwinists to make it look like Intelligent Design must not have been responsible for oil . It is Pro Evolutionary in nature .

    Thanks for your astute analysis of the climate hoax btw ! Also ppl need to know that perfect clean combustion at 100% efficiency (not achievable) yields H20 and CO2 which are not pollutants . Thanks.

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