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Minnesota’s Gift to the Country and the Republican Party

By December 7, 2023Commentary

I got behind in reading newspapers and just caught up.  I saw that Little Timmy Walz, the Incompetent Blowhard hisself, also now known as the FF (take a look at him and you can figure out what that stands for) has been selected as head of the Democratic Governor’s Association.  He is perfect for the job.  Never met a radical whacked policy he doesn’t support.  Doesn’t believe in facts, just in whatever lies come out of his mouth.  Gets incredibly angry if ever challenged on his crazy policies and lies.  Has no grasp of business or basic economics.  Thinks money comes from thin air and any one making more than $50,000 a year is rich and has endless supplies of money to give for his looney-tunes policies.  Is completely 200% owned by teachers’ unions and government employee unions.

Fat Timmy is an unappealing jackass who only wins because he can outspend opponents by ten to one and tell lies about those opponents and their policies while hiding what he actually will do.  Minnesotans generally hate him and the rest of the country will too.  And Republicans have to be happy as hell to have this dunce as the spokesperson for Democrat Governors.

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