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Happy? Thanksgiving

By November 23, 2023Commentary

I personally have a lot to be thankful for.  I have been very fortunate in my work and financial life.  I have a wonderful and supportive family.  I was born in this country, of all the places I could have been born and lived.  I was raised to believe in education and hard work and the importance of achieving something and striving to contribute to the advancement of society for all people.  I am truly thankful for all of you who read this blog and comment and contribute.

But I have never felt the future of society and humanity to be as bleak as I now perceive it to be.  Across the world we appear to be in the grip of ideologies that supported by advanced technology are determined to squash freedom and enable tyranny, and those who advocate these ideologies will engage in the most barbaric and horrific acts against any person or group they view as the enemy or the opposition.  Hamas’ actions in Israel, Russia’s in Ukraine, China’s treatment of the Uighurs, countless conflicts in Africa; all are examples of this brutal turn in human history.  We have techno-authoritarianism in China, the insane version of Islam that prevails in much of the Middle East and is encroaching on Africa, and the typical Russian dictatorship that views people as trinkets to be disposed of in any manner desired.

And in our own country we have wokism or whatever you want to call it, this whacked melange of insane academic theories that have no basis in reality but have infected every single aspect of our lives and which have spread into every level of education to indoctrinate children.  We see the result daily on our streets.  Masses of ignorant and violent “social justice warriers” who have no real knowledge of the world, no real purpose or meaning in their lives, so they turn to nihilism and trivialization.

I am not thankful for any of this.  I shudder with repulsion at all of it.  But I fear we are so far down the road of infection that there is no cure other than the complete financial and social bankruptcy of the country.  There are islands of sanity–Florida, Texas, other states.  And perhaps it is time to think seriously of splitting the country, so that there is a place for rational government that is focused on real advancement of quality of life.  For me, this is a somber and sobering Thanksgiving and I fear for the future of my children and their children.

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  • Amen to that. I want to have hope it can turn back but I think it’s gone too far. Even as blue as this state has always been it still was good, had good morals, systems, and a place to live. Now, the twin cities have been ruines and that virus and decay is spreading outward.

  • Joe Zoborowski says:

    I share your sentiments exactly. However, I take comfort in the fact that we must all ‘Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.’ (Psalm 37:3). Have a blessed Thanksgiving, we still live in the greatest country in the world – at least for a few more years or maybe months!

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