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The Climate Emergency and Renewable Energy Solution Were Created by Rich People to Get Even Richer

By November 21, 2023Commentary

If you doubt the truth of what the headline and summary for this post say, you are not paying attention.  Read who is funding the environmental groups pushing the climate crisis narrative.  Look at who the investors are in the companies that benefit from renewable energy subsidies.  And look who ends up paying the higher tax and electric bills–the average working person.  The renewable energy boondoogle is the biggest single transfer of wealth from working people to rich people in history–trillions of dollars.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at this report from Great Britain.  It details how a few rich people with their tax dodging private foundations provide the vast bulk of funding for “climate” issues.  The report has a focus on a specific issue regarding supposed air pollution problems related to car use in the UK, but the funding section and the general premise has wider applicability.  Public policy has nothing to do with the public, it has to do with this small group of rich people buying legislation and regulation that benefits them and harms the wider public for no reason other than a desire to be virtuous, and oh by the way, get even richer from the resulting government spending and subsidies.

The solution is obvious.  It is time to eliminate private foundations, all they do is shield hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth from taxation.  They rarely are used for actual charitable purposes–the provision of food, housing, clothing and medical care for the poor.  And it is time to ban large political contributions and expenditures on lobbying.  Make the politicians go out and actually talk to the average person they are supposed to represent.  Get money out of public policy.  (UK Report)

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