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Renewable Energy Scam Continues to Implode

By November 17, 2023Commentary

Because so much “green” energy, like wind and solar, is intermittent it not only is unreliable and expensive, it requires huge investments in transmission lines to move electricity around.  Building these new transmission lines is very, very expensive, and getting more so.  When is the last time you read about anything connected to “renewable” energy costing less?  So here is a story in the expensive toilet paper for the Twin Cities–the Star Tribune, which notes that one new line being counted on to move all this cheap electricity around has seen its price tag double, to well over a billion dollars.  Fat Timmy Walz, the biggest liar in history, told us last year how that his renewable energy mandate will actually be cheaper for consumers.  He knew that was a lie, a huge lie.  And now we are seeing repeated stories about massive cost increases for solar plants, wind plants, transmission lines, etc.  And buried in the Strib story is the really important message:  “the costs would be passed on to consumers”.  Aren’t they always.  So your electric bill in a year or two will start going way, way up.  The average consumer will have seen a doubled bill in less than five years.  All for nothing, I remind you, for nothing but a myth about evil CO2 from fossil fuels.  (Strib Story)

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  • With the multimillion dollar renovation to the governor mansion, is it being fitted with green, renewable, fully carbon free energy sources?

  • L. Earl Watkins, Jr. says:

    And making it worse yet, when a transmission line is built to and connects to baseload generation that operates 90% plus hours per year, the MWHs delivered have a transmission cost of 1. When it is connected to “clean energy sources”, that operate 40% of the time, the transmission cost becomes twice or even more expensive.

  • L. Earl Watkins, Jr. says:

    Keep spreading the truth. And remember, transmission lines are paid for by the MWHs it delivers. When connected to nuclear or coal-fired baseload plants, the line is moving energy 95% of a 24 hour day. When connected to “green generation”, it is moving energy 40% of a 24 hour day. The transmission cost is the same, the units moved are less than half and each unit has to pay for the highway. Thus, green energy MWHs carry twice the real transmission cost.

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