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“Long” CV-19 Is Nothing New and Largely a Myth

By November 14, 2023Commentary

Our country is filled with slackers–people who have no interest in being productive citizens who contribute to the advancement of the quality of life.  These people often use exaggerated or even non-existent health issues to justify their lassitude.  And then they end up on Social Security disability and Medicare, contributing to the impending bankruptcy of both programs.  CV-19 has become a new excuse for those so-inclined to become leeches on society, as researchers claim there is “long” CV-19, with lingering serious symptoms.  In fact, studies have shown that many of these “symptoms” are reported by people with no particular health care issue.  While some people, particularly those with serious pre-existing illnesses, likely have significant residual health problems after a CV-19 infection, the vast majority don’t.

Another study validates this analysis, once more finding that these supposed extended symptoms are typical of any respiratory illness.  The researchers compared reported symptoms in the time periods after a CV-19 infection with those from non-CV-19 respiratory illnesses.  Out of 16 symptoms, the only ones which occurred at a higher rate over time in CV-19 patients were taste/smell issues and lightheadness.  The best thing we can do for people who were infected during the epidemic, which is now estimated at 90% of all Americans, is tell them that they will be fine and aren’t experiencing anything unusual.  But the medical community will make lots of money treating phantom long CV-19.  And we still have public health dunces who want to push the epidemic terror narrative.  (Lancet Article)

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    Combining items from your post yesterday and this post, I have a few thoughts. When I visited my doctor for a regular checkup in Fall 2021, I was asked if I wanted the COVID vaccine (for the record I’m in my early 40’s and have taken most vaccines during my life…and while not confirmed, I was fairly certain I had a mild case of COVID at least once already). I told him that I didn’t want it. He lectured me for a good 5 minutes on all of the cases of “long- COVID” that they were seeing throughout the healthcare system and that getting the COVID vaccine was a foolproof way to prevent getting long-COVID. This was after the vaccine had been available for roughly 6 months and it was just coming out that people were still getting COVID even after they had gotten the vaccine. This was the first time I had ever heard of “long-COVID”, so I wasn’t sure what to think. I still told him that I didn’t want it at that time and would need to think it over. I could sense the disgust and dismissiveness in his voice.

    I’ll obviously never go to this doctor again, as I don’t like to be talked to like that, much less lied to (about long-COVID). But I am now suspicious of just about anything a doctor tells me when I shouldn’t have to be. I’m not sure why they all had to push this vaccine so hard when there was evidence right from the beginning that COVID was not a danger to anybody who didn’t have serious health issues already and there was already overwhelming evidence that the vaccine didn’t work anywhere near as well as it had been sold (whether or not there’s any negative side effects). I’ll still go to the doctor for various cancer screenings and other age “milestones” as I get older, but I’ll do my own research on everything.

    On the other hand, the pediatrician for my kids (same healthcare system as my doctor) has been a lot better. We were of course asked if we wanted the COVID vaccine for them. After asking what her opinion of it is, she said something to the effect of “we are recommending this vaccine for kids”. I remember thinking it was interesting that she used the word “we”, as if it was the official position of the clinic and not necessarily the opinion of all individual doctors that work there. We declined and she didn’t press it at all. I’ll happily continue to bring my kids to her, although she’ll likely be retiring in the next few years.

    • David K says:

      The medical community has lost almost all credibility by their compliant, unscientific voice concerning covid. I would have loved to hear an honest opinion from my doctor about covid but doubtful he would’ve felt free enough to tell me. When practicing doctors successfully treated many covid patients with ivermectin, it’s use was blocked via FDA shipping bans and pharmacies’ refusal to fill Rx for it. I remember at least one family who had to get a court order to remove their dad from a hospital that was killing him with their rigid “prescribed protocols.” He survived after being treated at a hospital willing to use other methods. There must be thousands who died due to medical malpractice during that whole debacle. It’s obvious that many medical professionals are “just taking orders.”

  • joethenonclimatescientist says:

    Kevin’s comment – “While some people, particularly those with serious pre-existing illnesses, likely have significant residual health problems after a CV-19 infection, the vast majority don’t.”

    I would suspect that those individuals with “long covid” dont really have “long covid” but simply a continuation of pre-existing health issues and are blaming covid for the continuation of their pre existing personal health problems. I had a discussion last week with two individuals complaining about long covid and noted that their pre and post covid health status was nearly the same (bad)

  • Arne Christensen says:

    An old Merck Manual (published in 1997) I have talks about flu as an illness that can produce lingering symptoms, like weakness/fatigue, for weeks after the heat of the ailment has passed.

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