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Your Education Dollars at W(aste)ork

By November 9, 2023Commentary

Public school education eats up huge amounts of public spending while students educational attainment declines rapidly, unless you count ideological brainwashing as education.  And where is all that spending going?  The first chart shows that it isn’t for actually education your children, but for excessive staff and administration, much of which is DEI bullshit and consulting contracts.  Imagine if that money were spent on learning to read, write, think, do math, understand science.  Why we might actually come close to producing as many engineers as China does every year.  And the second chart shows why–our universities, which supposedly educate our future teachers, are worthless piles of ideological crap.  Ignoramuses who can only create more ignoramuses who are then hired by other ignoramuses to teach such children–nothing worthwhile but sure while do their best to create future whacked pro(re)gressive voters.  It is a disgrace and can only be reversed by completely defunding the current model of university education and firing every one of these politicized professors and staff.


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  • Larry Fitz says:

    I don’t see any possible way to reverse the situation in either Universities or K-12 education to restore teaching fundamentals, and effectively train students in skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens with a semblance of work ethic and interest in improving the economic and social conditions in our County. In biology, the discipline where I was educated in the 70s, the ideological change is immense. See:
    Although it is difficult to understand for someone of my age, young people in the 16-35yo range have totally different viewpoints across the full range of social, political, and scientific issues under consideration today. The Democrat-run government and media have a well designed censorship program to prevent any contrarian views being disseminated. Only a slim majority of our population still believe in “free speech”, and this is sure to change as demographics evolve.
    It is sad that someone like Trump, that has so far withstood everything thrown at him, is really the only viable alternative in 2024 to the current regime. I would like to support another candidate in 2024. However, none of them has withstood all the crap that the opposition and compliant media will throw at them.
    It is even sadder that we have come to this low point in discussing America’s future, and how grim the available options we have remaining.

  • joethenonclimatescientist says:

    Our school district was spent mega dollars expanding the 4 high schools in which the student population was stagnant. My daughter played on the same school volleyball team as the school board’s president. I asked the school board president why the district was spending so much taxpayer money.

    the response from the school board president – “its not taxpayer money – its bond money”

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