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Anarctica Ice Is Melting, But then it Always Does

By November 8, 2023Commentary

The climate hysterics number one theme is that the world is burning up so all the ice in Antarctica and Greenland is melting and will drown us all.  As always, this is a completely fact-free assertion.  The level of ice in these areas, as you might imagine, is subject to significant variation throughout the year, but also to various other cycles related to air and water temperatures.  The hysterics never mention or publicize this, but the very earliest satellite photos of the Artic show ice levels, in the late 1950s, similar to what we currently see.  In between the ice expanded quite a bit, before receding again.  I have no doubt that future decades will see greater levels of ice in the Arctic and elsewhere.  None of this has much to do with that ultra-villain of the hysterics, CO2.

A new study discusses temperature levels, which affect the amount of ice, in West Antarctica, which has featured prominently in claims of massive ice loss.  East Antarctica has actually been gaining ice and Antarctica as a whole has a net ice mass gain over time, contrary to hysterics’ claims.  And this study finds that while there was warming in the West Antarctic area during the period before the 1990s, that trend reversed into statistically significant cooling, particularly between 1999 and 2018.  What is worse is that both the warming and the cooling are likely due mainly to natural cycles.  You will note that the study comes primarily from Chinese researchers, who due to China’s continued heavy use of coal, are under less pressure to conform to the global warming due to CO2 narrative.  (AMS Article)

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