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Dope, Including Pot, Makes You a Dope and Makes You Dead Faster

By November 7, 2023Commentary

I never tire of pointing out the truism that our Governor, Little Timmy Walz, is a liar par excellence.  He has complete and total disregard for the truth, whatever the subject.  His party got a ton of contributions from the legal pot industry, and probably the illegal as well, so of course he spread all kinds of misleading info to get a legalization bill passed, notwithstanding the testimony of medical personnel who informed legislators of the extreme health risks posed by today’s super-potent marijuana strains.  Nothing trumps campaign contributions, and anything, like pot, that makes voters stupider, is good for the pro(re)gressives, so that people are too doped up to recognize how their policies are ruining the economy and society.

But truth will out and here is more research showing that pot is anything but benign, in fact has a whole series of health issues associated with use.  Regular marijuana use increases the risk of heart failure in middle-aged persons by a third and substantially raises the risk of a series heart or brain event while hospitalized.  Younger people should not assume they are immune from these health consequences.  I am sure this will make no difference to Fat Timmy, who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself and his preening ego.   (AHA Paper)

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