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Suicide Increases

By November 6, 2023Commentary

This paper asks a question which has an obvious answer–why is the suicide rate rising rapidly, particularly among younger Americans.  The chart is a little hard to read because the lines are years when it would have been easier to read if they were the age groups, but it is clear in the ages 15 to 35 we have seen a large jump in the rate.  And suicides are understated because many intentional drug overdoses are treated as accidental.  The authors run through several possible causes, while ignoring the obvious one.  These young people have been subjected to racist, divisive, gender confusing, indoctrination for their entire lives, amplified by addictive social media run by whacko ideologues or the Chinese government.  It is astounding that in this milieu more haven’t decided to end their lives rather than be subjected to more of the same.  We give these younger people no education, no training for real jobs, no sense of purpose or meaning for their lives–just nihilism and hate.  So don’t expect the suicide rate to change until we change the education system and put severe limits on social media.   (NBER Paper)

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  • Pamela M.E. says:

    I love reading your “spot on” comments on the crazy people in that now, crazy state! (All those farmland chemicals and some added lead making mn. residents cra-cra, so “they” say!) Being a Demonrat controlled state makes me think that that party alone proves Mn. tends to be a bit addled, at least in the Twin Cities! I grew up in rural mn, moved as an Adult, but have relies still living there! They haven’t gone over to the dark (i.e.libby loo) side as they have intelligence, and free wiil, and aren’t swayed by the ISH appeal! There are many decent good normal people still living there that ignore the liberals and their crap…they’re the smart ones! Thank God for the smart decent folk! He knows who they are! Anyone who aligns with a party that is real close in spelling to the Devil…i.e. “Demon” i.e. “Democrat” (they thought they were clever by swapping the “n” with a “c”, changing it from Demonrat to Democrat…surprise!!!! BUSTED!!!

  • Dennis Klosterman says:

    I agree Kevin. Especially the last sentence. Social media is destroying us.

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