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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 228

By October 29, 2023Commentary

You would think that in most cases whatever adverse effects might occur from the CV-19 vax would also be events that follow from a CV-19 infection.  This study looked at Bell Palsy, a facial nerve issue, following either vax or infection.  It was a pooled analysis of randomized clinical trials.  It found and increased incidence among vax recipients, but there also was greater incidence among infected persons, and that incidence was higher than that among vax recipients.  (JAMA Article)

This study tested effectiveness of a booster dose of inactivated vax among close contacts of people who had an Omicron variant infection.  Effectiveness was low and got lower over time.    (JAMA Article)

One justification for closing schools and masking kids was that they were important sources of secondary transmission.  That was always garbage.  This study found very low rates of secondary transmission among children at day care centers.  The rates were lower than occurs with other respiratory viruses, leading the authors to wonder why you would be more restrictive in regard to CV-19.   (JAMA  Article)

And another study in children finds that they are infectious for a very short time, only shedding live virus for an average of 3 days.  Please note more importantly that there was no difference in that period between vaxed and unvaxed kids.  (JAMA Article)

People with health conditions or who were older had lower antibody responses to the initial series of vax but over the long run, older people had a higher response to a booster.  Having medical conditions did not appear to influence response to a booster.  (Medrxiv Paper)

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  • Roberto says:

    I’m hoping you’ll write a blog post giving your thoughts about other vaccines. I was offered flu, Covid, and RSV vaxes this fall. I’d never even heard of RSV until you mentioned it. I decided to get only the flu vax but really felt that I was making an uninformed decision on both flu & RSV. I’m confident about my decision to skip the Covid booster, thanks to you.

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