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Climate Hysteria Schadenfreude

By October 28, 2023Commentary

One of my favorite words, which means to take pleasure, even delight, at another person’s misfortune.  Right now, the climate hysterics are panicking.  Populations in western countries are getting wise to the scam of faking research to generate falsehoods about intense warming, then giving trillions of dollars in “renewable” energy subsidies to rich people, while ordinary citizens have less reliable and far more expensive energy.  This week has witnessed a parade of “green” energy companies revealing huge losses, especially on wind power, and demanding even more subsidies and higher prices.  Meanwhile the world is awash in cheap natural gas to generate electricity.

Research which doesn’t follow the approved narrative continues to be released as well, I posted on the Norway climate review a few days ago.  I was reminded recently of an important study that is now a few years old but continues to be un-rebutted.  One of the longest running climate hysteria scams is that the Arctic and Greenland are melting and the world’s coasts will drown.  For 40 years Al Gore has kept moving the deadline for this disaster out, while Arctic ice stays pretty stable.   This study looked at Arctic area temperatures over the extended period of the current interglacial period, known as the Holocene, or around 12,000 years.

The authors used a wide variety of temperature proxies for their analysis.  Here are the inconvenient facts for the hysterics.  The Greenland ice sheet was at its lowest 3,000 to 5,000 years ago and is doing just fine now.  Temperatures were higher, in some periods, significantly higher, over much of Holocene than they are now.  You look at the charts and read the text and you would conclude that whatever limited temperature change may be occurring today is completely consistent with past natural temperature variation.  You won’t read about this in your local media–they are too busy pimping the hysteria narrative.  But you too can take delight in the unraveling of the hysterics lies about climate and their renewable energy fraud.  (SD Study)

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