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More on the Gender Ideology Insanity

By October 23, 2023Commentary

I will keep writing about this because it is the biggest threat to our children I have seen in my lifetime.  This isn’t about whatever lunacy adults want to indulge themselves with.  It is about these nuts insisting on spreading the garbage to completely innocent children, and doing so without the knowledge or consent of parents.  Spreading this to and recruiting children is designed to try to provide justification for these whackos in regard to their own bad choices.  It is also intended to generate lifetime revenue for health care providers who should be ashamed of themselves for irreversibly mutilating young children.  Can you imagine telling kindergarteners that they shouldn’t be happy to be a boy or a girl, that they should change that fundamental aspect of their lives.  What kindergartener or even adolescent is ready to think about that or should even be asked to think about it?  Why are they insisting on pimping this gibberish to children–because they are the most susceptible, the most suggestible, the most innocent.  It is beyond despicable.  At some point I hope people are jailed, fined, subject to huge lawsuits and damages for what they do to children.

And parents are beginning to win, as this post describes.  (ZH Post)    Children are beginning to sue for being misled and forced into this nonsense.  Eventually, insurers of schools and medical providers will raise premiums so high or refuse to cover lawsuits on this trash.  In the meantime, if you are a parent, be sure you insist that your school reveal all its policy on gender disaffirmation, check out every teacher and every staff person, especially school psychologists, social workers and nurses.  This non-scientific drivel is rampant in colleges and being intentionally spread by teachers and staff.  Protect your kids and assert your rights.  This article is typical in attempting to be “balanced” but actually being sympathetic to the whackos, while forced to acknowledge that there is no science behind the sexual mutilation practices and a lot of harms.  (Reuters Article) 

This article is typical of the media’s enthusiastic adoption of horrific euphemisms like gender affirming care, as though gender could actually be separated from biological sex.  There is zero science or logic behind this assertion, but the media is full whacked progressive, so facts mean nothing, only ideology.  We are destroying the lives of a generation of children with this self-destructive ideology, racist ideology and an accompanying failure to teach them anything useful.   Here is a more accurate picture of what this unbelievable nonsense is doing to children.  (RCH Story)

And the research continues to show that the medical community is harming patients, not helping them, and not treating their real mental health problems.  This study from Denmark shows that persons supposedly suffering from gender confusion have multiple mental health issues and treating their imaginery gender issues, as you would imagine, does nothing to lessen those mental health problems.  (EJE Article)

Some European countries have begun to put the brakes on this bullshit.  Many US states have as well, but the Administration spreads lies and misinformation and supports mutilation of children and fights those states.  God help us all.

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