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Minneapolis Is the Poster Child for What Pro(re)gressives Have Done to Cities

By October 23, 2023Commentary

The Wall Street Journal had a front page story today about how downtowns across America are struggling.  Minneapolis was the featured city.  What was surprising, given that this is the WSJ, is how little time was spent on the obvious causes of these struggles–whacked pro(re)gressive policies, with Minneapolis, and its looney-tunes city council being exhibit A.  We can start with defunding, and more importantly, demonizing, the police.  Crime is truly completely out of control, causing fear among citizens and making them unwilling to go into cities if they don’t live there.  Cities can’t hire enough police officers because who would want the job, with the risks of being thrown into jail for doing your job.

Let’s move on to high taxes, which are the result of absurdly high levels of spending on items that do nothing to make quality of life better.  All manner of green and cultural foppery.  Friends and family benefit, fraud and waste is rampant.  At the same time record levels of spending occur, services are dreadful.  Roads, sewers, parks are all in serious decline.  Minneapolis needs a lot of snowplowing, but it doesn’t get it under the current morons running the city.

Jacob Frey, the ding-dong who is Minneapolis’ mayor and passes for a moderate compared to the rest of the nuts on the city council, says it will a tough road back but Minneapolis will do it.  He and the clowncil are handing out tens of millions of dollars to developers, who otherwise wouldn’t touch the city, to turn vacant office buildings into apartments.  You can’t pay people enough to want to live in downtown Minneapolis and downtown won’t be back til there is a very different governing group and resultant policies.  A better idea might be to tear all those office buildings down and return the land to nature.  Isn’t that more representative of the “decolonization” the whackos want?  (WSJ Story)


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  • Timothy Kelly says:

    All true but you could use the Mpls Convention Center as an example. The Center blames the drop off of out of state convention traffic on COVID but the real reason is the streets are not safe. The CC will always have the Auto Show and Sportsman’s Show but not the summer out of state traffic. Oh and note that the nearby Hilton Hotel is in foreclosure. Bulletin: no one will buy it because no guests will stay there–again because the streets are not safe.

  • Dan says:

    “ til there is a very different governing group”. Not going to happen in our lifetime. Too many freeloading voters and the rest are leaving. We’ll be lucky if it can salvage the state with the current voting pool and new fraud democrats are introducing with there policies. Not required a license to vote is total bs but even illegals get those now.

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