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A Conversation With a Millenial

By October 15, 2023Commentary

I am beginning to get a better understanding of just how screwed we are and why.  I had a conversation the other night with a millenial who is well-paid and intelligent professional in a very responsible job.  He worked extremely hard to get where he is.  But he spend a lot of time talking about how there is too much inequality and it is all due to racism and he was very privileged.  I realized that not only had this person been indoctrinated and brainwashed with work gibberish, but he actually believed it, thought it was true.

He isn’t and wasn’t priviliged.  He did what any responsible citizen of any country should do, and his parents raised him with that ethos in mind.  He took school seriously, he worked hard to learn and to achieve.  He pushed himself to do difficult things.  He had a supportive family, that is not privilege, that is the way it should be, and if there are communities, I am talking to many African-Americans here, where that is mocked and derided as being “white”, not only is that racist, it is self-defeating.  The key to success in life has always been to have supportive parents, to work hard first at learning and then at a career, and to help others succeed.

Calling this privilege is just stupid.  I long for a politician, and Vivek Ramaswamy comes closest on this key culture issue, but is a moron and a fraud otherwise, to speak plainly about this.  Young people need to be reminded that they have been brainwashed with bizarre ideologies that will destroy the country, and that ideology isn’t in service of some rebellion, but of those currently in power everywhere, in every institution.  You want to be different, you want to rebel, you want to be an independent thinker, you want to challenge authority and convention–then throw off the chains of this racist, divisive lunacy.

It has to happen soon, because every single institution we rely on has been infested with this gibberish and we have whole generations who lap it up and spit it back out.  We are going down fast, and our parallel economic decline is adding fuel to the fire.

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