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An Excellent Description of Our Energy Lunacy

By October 10, 2023Commentary

I think most Americans are blissfully unaware of the energy disaster awaiting us in the next couple of years, thanks to nutso climate hysteria leading to reliance on renewable energy and the shutting of actual cheap, reliable power plants.  The Center for the American Experiment does a lot of work on energy policy and has fully exposed the idiocy passed by the current state legislature.  In the PowerLine blog there is an excellent summary of the comparison of China and India’s policies versus those in the United States, and many other Western country.  The analysis reinforces what I constantly say–if you watch what some countries do, you can see they have no concerns about any supposed link between CO2 levels and rising temperature.  China has great scientists–they apparently aren’t worried.  At the same time, I know that China and Russia fund our climate hysterics and push us toward unreliable and expensive sources of electricity, knowing this will cripple our economy.  We need a full investigation of all sources of funding for the whacked environmentalist and an exposure of the origin of lobbying and media support for these policies.  And the public should understand that nothing the US does will make a bit of difference as long as India and China keep building coal plants.  But those countries will be happy to profit by selling us equipment for our renewable energy fantasy.  (PL Blog Post)

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