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From Bad to Worse

By October 9, 2023Commentary

Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize what a dire situation faces the world and the country?  Is there anyone who honestly believes that the senile and feckless Bidementia administration isn’t responsible in large part?  Is there anyone who after watching what Russia did in Ukraine and what Hamas did in Israel doesn’t believe that people can be just plain evil?  I see people on Twitter and elsewhere talking about the need for understanding and empathy and not turning to hate.  What universe are those people living in?  This isn’t about vengenance or retribution or hate.  It is about the eradication of evil.  And it has to be eradication.  These people aren’t going to change, they can’t be negotiated with.  Negotiation is weakness to them and only an opportunity for duplicity and to gather strength for the next round of atrocities.  THEY MUST BE ERADICATED.  What they represent, whether they are Russians or Islamic nuts or whomever, must be completely and irreversibly eradicated, the individuals performing the acts, anyone who supports them in any way, and any infrastructure which facilitates evil.  There must be a relentless singleminded purpose to eliminate it, as there was with Hitler and Nazism.

Our country used to be viewed as the source of the strength to defeat evil.  Over the last two decades both our military power to accomplish such defeats and our will to confront, or even recognize, evil have been greatly eroded.  If you don’t believe that surreptitious and insidious Russian, Chinese and other influences are behind that erosion, you are delusional.  They have funded numerous movements and initiatives inside the US to weaken us.  Racism, gender ideology, whacked environmentalism, huge deficits and debt that limit our financial capabilities, the perversion of educational institutions, free-flowing drugs, all are part of multi-pronged attack to weaken us as the main bulwark against all these forms of brutal totalitarianism that confront us.

We as a country, or at least a majority of us, had better wake up quickly and resolve to elect a real leader, a conservative, who will initiate and follow through on a dramatic change of course.  Or not just our nation, but the world, will be plunged into a very dark time.


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