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Climate Funnies

By October 9, 2023Commentary

Because the extreme climate hysterics are so whacked, they are pretty hysterical at times, in a funny sense.  Here are some notes indicating just how funny.  Big lie–wind power is cheaper and just as reliable as gas or nuclear.  Reality–a story about how cost concerns, construction and operating ones, a causing developers to back out of offshore wind projects unless they get paid a fortune more for the electricity they generate.  Ha, ha, ha, that is hilarious.  Unless you are concerned about a rational energy policy.  (Wind Story)

You can’t do or publish this kind of research in the US without being crucified for heresy, so the authors are all foreign.  The climate hysterics want us to believe that there is undoubted proof that more CO2 equals higher temperatures.  Curious how that ever reversed in the past when CO2 was far higher than now.  But, I digress.  Despite much research questioning this supposed relationship, including ice cores that suggest a possible reverse causation, the hysterics treat it as a foundation of the religion.  This new study provides further evidence that there may not be such a simple, or any, causal relationship.  As I said, this is the worst form of heresy so it won’t get any attention, anywhere.  (Sci. Article)

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  • Dan says:

    Could increasing T cause increased CO2? Very interesting. The current climate models don’t work on the past which means they are worthless at predicting the future. I wonder using T to predict CO2 is the fix needed?

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