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Matt Gaetz Is an Asshole

By October 3, 2023Commentary

Donald Trump has been a complete disaster for conservatives and the restoration of common sense policies to the US.  He is an egomaniac who wasted the two years of his presidency when he had complete control of government.  He could have enacted voting reform to prevent Dem cheating.  He could have actually fixed illegal immigration.  He could have reined in spending for real.  He didn’t do any of that.  What he did do was create a new generation of dingbat candidates who can’t win, so the Reps lost the House in 2018, barely hung on to the Senate, and lost everything in 2020, all due to Trump’s incompetence and his support only of those who hang on his every word and kiss his ass endlessly.  And so we get the Biden disaster.

The Reps should have taken the Senate in 2022, but Trump backed absolute morons for a number of seats and they all lost.  And the House was retaken by the narrowest of margins.  Enter Matt Gaetz et al.  Gaetz is an asshole, you take one look at him and you know exactly what he is, a mini-Trump, another narcissistic asshole who cares about nothing but himself.  He and a few others are determined to ensure that not only do Dem policies prevail, but that Reps will lose the House in 2024, probably along with everything else.  430 Representatives in the House hate Matt Gaetz, including almost every Republican.  How about we remove Gaetz instead of McCarthy.

Gaetz thinks he will be the next governor of Florida, so he doesn’t care what he does to the House or the country and he doesn’t care that he is helping Dems.  But I suspect Ron DeSantis, who has a machine in Florida and must hate Gaetz, will do everything in his power to ensure that his successor is anyone but Gaetz, and that asshole supreme will get a beatdown.  Not that it will stop him from being an asshole.

Conservatives have to be smarter and realize that being disciplined and cheerful are not inconsistent with pushing conservative policies without apology or backing down.  We have more than enough assholes in the movement, let’s get rid of them before they destroy the country.

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