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Pay No Attention to Those Pesky Climate “Denialists”

By September 29, 2023Commentary

The mainstream media and the rich people benefiting from renewal energy subsidies prop up whacko climate hysterics by breathlessly reporting every data-free claim made by these nuts.  The most prominent of which is to blame every weather-related disaster on human-caused global warming, which as far as I can tell is non-existent.  So we hear the hurricanes, tornados, flooding, etc. are all much worse than ever in history.  All flat-out lies.  Here is yet another paper debunking this nonsense, but rest-assured, the public won’t see a word of this in the traditional media.  And you can be sure that the climate hysterics will do everything they can to force retraction of the study.  Heresy cannot be allowed to distract from hysteria.

The study looks at tornadoes from 1954 to 2018, using official US weather data.  Tornado damage is a combination of how many tornadoes there are, where they are, how severe they are and the cost of the damage.  Given the rising value of property and the rapid rise in US population, any comparison of the cost of tornadoes has to be standardized both for that inflation in values and the greater number of properties in most geographic areas.  Other research has shown that there is no increase in the number or severity of tornadoes in recent decades when rising CO2 levels supposedly put us at risk of all being flown to Oz.

The researchers here found that after normalization, for the country as a whole and almost every US state there has actually been a reduction in damage from tornadoes, both in severity of damage from individual events and total losses.  And you can see why in the data.  In 1954 there were 398 tornado events, in 2018 there were 342.  In between, there were years ranging from 269 to 545 tornadoes.  So there is high natural variability in the number of tornadoes and likely the intensity as well.  But the trend is actually for less damage.  This may be in part due to better warning systems in regard to deaths and injuries, but no warning system can stop the property damage.   (C&WE Study)

And again, the important thing to remember is the actual data makes no difference to the hysterics and they will keep using lies to ruin our economy and standard of living.  China and Russia cheerlead this effort.

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  • David says:

    Someone shut down the lunatics by adding that the number of trees in their particular country consumed more CO2 than was produced. The loonies never use the whole equation.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    I have long expected that one day, Al Gore will go before the cameras, cackle maniacally, and say, “I got mine, suckers!”

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