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The Renewable Energy Scam Is Just Ludicrous

By September 27, 2023Commentary

The federal government and a lot of states are spending a fortune promoting and subsidizing (non)renewable energy.  It is a major contributor to the growth in federal debt.  We have to do this because the costs of renewable energy are far greater than sources like gas and nuclear or coal.  It isn’t nearly as cheap as proponents claim, in fact they are outright liars about the cost and the effect on consumer and business electric bills, see California.  But even all these subsidies aren’t enough.  Developers are backing out of projects because the costs of building, operating and maintaining renewable energy sources is huge.  And states are groveling for even more funding.  See this letter from several state governors, all whacked Dems, begging for help with funding offshore wind projects, which among other things are killing whales and disrupting other marine life, so obviously very environmentally friendly.  The opening lines are all lies–that the power generated by these projects is clean, that it is cheap, that the installations create thousands of jobs.

The beggars claim that extraordinary circumstances, which aren’t extraordinary at all, like inflation and regulatory problems, have made the projects too expensive and they need big federal bucks to continue them.  There is no way in hell the Republican-led House is going to fund that.  Which is good, because we don’t need either more debt or more expensive energy.  But I just have to laugh that the idiots promoting this stupidity are whining about the regulatory process that they put in place to stop traditional power sources and can’t do the math to figure out just how expensive “cheap” renewable energy is.  I think we are about two years from people getting completely sick of the renewable energy scam and big electricity bills and demanding gas and nuclear in particular.   (Clean Power Letter)

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