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Minnesota Goes All-in To Indoctrinate Students to Be Whacked Progressive Voters

By September 26, 2023Commentary

The State of Minnesota has been taken over by the most whacked of whacked pro(re)gressives.  And since this ideological lunacy started in an academic setting, they of course are focussed on how they can use education to corrupt children and brainwash them to become voters that keep Dems in office and money flowing to incompetent teachers and staff.  If you don’t keep up with material coming out of the Center for the American Experiment, you should.  Part of what they do is track the education insanity in the state.  Here is one piece detailing the new social studies standards that will be mandated and are basically Marxist racism.  The intent is to start this brainwashing very early with the youngest children.  Anyone who cares about children getting a real education should be horrified by these proposed rules.  Fortunately the Center and other groups will fight these changes and there is some hope the legislature may change parties and quash this indoctrination attempt.   (Am. Exp. Article)

And one reason this stuff happens is because Dem-affiliated supposed non-profits spend big to force these changes and big Dem donors make lots of money doing consulting and selling materials to aid in the indoctrination.  The Center has been running a series on what a big business this has become and how much money is both spent on pushing these standards and wasted by school districts and the state on this garbage.  This money could be spent more appropriately to get better teachers and facilities, but that wouldn’t help the Dems stay in power and spread their destruction of our society and country.  I have only linked to one part of the series; you should read them all.  (Am. Exp. Series)

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