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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 224

By September 22, 2023Commentary

I regret the title of this series, because apparently it does, with morons still calling for mask wearing, lockdowns, vax mandates, etc., etc. etc.  Please ignore all of this and let people who push for it know that they are indeed morons.

Even people who should know better pimp studies like this as though it has some deep, dangerous meaning that has been hidden from us all.   Anyone who looks at the information submitted to the FDA, which is publicly available, and reads the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics sections, and who actually reads the study, knows it isn’t saying anything remarkable or of any clinical significance.  The study looked at whether the mRNA vaccine particles could make it into breast milk.  Of 13 women tested, in ten TRACE (that means very small, VSNs) amounts were detected for up to 45 hours (that is less than two days for the VSNs out there) after vaccination.  There was no evidence of translational activity. No clinical significance was identified, which is what matters, and the authors said it appeared safe for the mothers to breast feed their children.  (Lancet Study)

This is a study on vaccine effectiveness in children using the claims databases from two very large payers.  It finds that hospitalization/ER visits in children 5 t0 17 were very rare in vaxed or unvaxed groups, that there was low vax effectiveness in any event, that it diminished during the Omicron era and that for those aged 5 to 11 protection was virtually non-existent.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another study showing that uninfected people show supposed long CV-19 symptoms almost as often as do people who were infected.  I continue to strongly suspect malingering in most cases, especially since people know exactly what symptoms to report and there are few actual objective measures to detect so-called long CV-19.  (Medrxiv Paper)

But here is a study that will make the VSNs somewhat happy.  It appears that the Pfizer bivalent vaccine booster may be associated with a 50% increase in strokes in recipients 65 years old or older, compared to the numbers used by the CDC advisory committee, although the absolute increase in numbers is small.  The study was done in the Kaiser Northwest system, but many of the cases were identified outside of the Kaiser system.  The rate could not be adjusted for certain patient characteristics or factors.  If you look at the CDC slides, you get a lot more background information and you see that a lot of these events, which again were small in number, were in people who also got a high-dose flu vaccine on the same day.  And other studies in similar databases apparently failed to find a signal.  But worth bearing in mind, and another reason to stop getting boosters.  They are pointless.  (Medrxiv Paper)  You can find CDC presentation slides here.  (CDC Slides)

A pretty technical study looking at the B cell and helper T cell response to infection and to vaccination.  One interesting finding, consistent with pre-epidemic research, is that older people appear to have a lower response to vaccination.  Another finding is that the response to either infection or vaccination is highly variable across individuals.  (Medrxiv Paper)

We need more studies like this, looking at real-life behavior of the virus and infected people.  Researchers examined the amount of virus exhaled during the course of an infection.  The exhalation amount was highly variable across individuals, but tended to be at the same level from symptom onset until about 8 days later, then decay fairly quickly, although some exhalation remained for as long as three weeks.  There was no difference in amount exhaled by vax status, age, sex, time of day or viral variant, but there was an association of higher amounts with greater symptom severity.   (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • James Steiger says:

    I, too, was a longtime subscriber to Scientific American, and I sadly agree with your assessment of its decline. Particularly ironic is the indisputable fact that the medical bureaucrats have frequently dismissed very suggestive evidence because it wasn’t obtained from a randomized control trial and it contradicted their policy prescriptions. Particularly galling is that the first author felt compelled to tell us that he’s a member of “the Metis nation,” as if this somehow confers special authority to his meandering critique.

    • P Elbers says:

      I wish more Educated people like yourselves could “see through” what is happening all to often nowdays, and find a way to unite and debunk all the ISH of so-called “bureaucrats” working for their own agendas! Even us “lowly regular people” can see what’s going on! They should get a good debunking and just maybe….some bar time without the drinks kind! They are not looking out for us! They are not our friends! Get it done!

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