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This Review Will Get Slammed by Scientific American Too

By September 20, 2023Commentary

The lead researchers at the UK’s Center for Evidence Based Medicine were the authors of the Cochrane mask research review that Scientific American found so horrifying because it didn’t justify the totalitarian approach of forcing people to wear masks.  Those authors have now written a review of whether lockdowns made any difference in infections or hospitalizations in the UK.  While Scientific American believes in, well, belief, these researchers actually know how to look at and analyze data.

And when they do it for lockdowns, gee guess what, there is little evidence they made a whit of difference.  (see China for further reference)   It appears from the data in England, as everywhere else in the world, that there is no correlation between infection or hospitalization or death peaks and the implementation of lockdowns.  Here is the fundamental reason.  No one yet to this day really understands the survival and transport capability of this virus.  It obviously can survive under a variety of circumstances for a far longer time than scientists have tended to estimate.  And it can be transported over much longer distances than estimated.  So locking down is a waste of time.  Any one outside of a rigidly controlled environment can have virus on clothes, skin, MASKS are a great place for virus to be carried, and they have the virus go airborne and be inhaled.

And while everyone was engaging in futile lockdowns, as these authors also point out, they were causing a massive reduction in needed health care which has led to deaths and more serious disease.  Not to mention the economic, educational and social toll.  Beyond stupid.  I am proud to be one of the people who stood up from the very start and opposed this insanity, and it is clear that the resisters told the truth that should have been obvious to everyone.   (TE Substack)

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  • Bill in Seminole says:

    In hindsight, those that were in positions of authority believed they needed to “do something” to stop the spread of the virus. Initially, the lockdowns were done in good intent; the error was in not realizing that the lockdowns were not working. At that point, those in authority should have admitted there was nothing that could be done and allowed the virus to run its course. That realization happened here in Florida with our Governor; he realized the futility of lockdowns and stopped those lockdowns, to great whining from the news media.

  • joseph kosanda says:

    I agree with Bill’s comment – While I always was opposed to both the lockdown and masking, I understand why the initial response was to lockdown. that being said, once it became evident that the lockdowns were ineffective and there was no hospital bed shortage, etc, then the lockdowns should have been eliminated

    The two biggest falacies in support of the lockdowns, and masking were
    A) the belief that the virus could be contained or eradicated via the lockdowns. In march of 2020 when the lockdowns were implemented , the virus was too deeply embedded into the population to accomplish the goal. A person has to be very stupid to think otherwise but maybe that describes the typical progressive voter.
    B) the failure to grasp that the mitigation protocols were basically advocating for the evolution of the human species to a point that humans can only survive in a sterile environment.

  • Pamela says:

    I might be a total lay person, (a typical senior with common sense), but I totally agree with both of the previous comments! I still can’t believe what this current Gov’t forced upon the people in this country. It’s almost as if it were done with a purpose that could not have been imagined, say, 10 yrs ago. I feel our World has been tilted somewhat and those in charge have crossed over onto a dark hidden sinister side unlike ever before. Something is not right with this current society. Like huge resets before in history, (nature’s way of culling the herd), are we yet again, heading for another “do-over”? Has it come down to good vs evil? Whatever it is, GLAD I’M OLD!

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