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How Not to Fix the Educational Crisis

By September 20, 2023Commentary

Everything is always described as a crisis.  One item that clearly is a crisis is the quality of education our children are receiving, especially in public schools.  The epidemic accelerated awareness of certain failings but the underpinnings for the crisis have been in place for a long time.  And a lot of money being spend by various groups to supposedly address the issues will only make it worse, because the problem is ideological and these groups are part of the ideology.  Here is an example, a report from a group called the Center for Reinventing Public Education, which is basically an academic clique funded by such luminaries as the Gates Foundation.  So you know it is all whacked progressives.

The report starts of by acknowledging two key aspects of the current state of public education–students aren’t learning anything in critical areas like math, science, reading and writing; and students are experiencing high levels of mental stress and illness.  But it completely ignores the role of whacked ideology in creating these problems.  Education schools at universities are indoctrinating future teachers and training them solely to be indoctrinators for extreme radical racism and insane gender gibberish.  They don’t know math, science, writing or reading so how could they possibly teach it.

And all this insane ideology that is being pushed on students from an early age, coupled with social media amplification of the messages, is causing the high levels of anxiety and mental illness.  What other reaction would you expect from these poor young people when they are told they are evil or victims because of the color of their skin or that they aren’t really a boy or a girl, that the world is burning up from human-caused climate change, etc.  But the report mentions none of that, instead it only lets us hear from students, teachers and others who have drunk this kool-aid.  (CRPE Report)

Public education will get better only when the ideology is completely rooted out of the system.  Until then, push for vouchers for every student, if you are a parent home school your children or send them to a non-whacked private school or move to Florida, where the ideology is being ripped out.  We are in big trouble as a society; we have a whole generation of kids who don’t and won’t know anything, who have been lied to about what the real problems we face are, and who will be incapable of doing any meaningful work that advances the quality of life for those living in our country.  We are doomed.

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  • Ann in L.A. says:

    K-6 kids’ mental health would be vastly improved by giving them 60 minutes a day of uninterrupted, unstructured recess.

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