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Uhhh, Wait, You Mean It Has Been This Warm and Dry Before?

By September 14, 2023Commentary

As the climate hysterics and their allies in the media bombard us with supposed climate disaster and crisis and emergency declarations, the reality is more prosaic.  In fact, nothing we are seeing or living through is unprecedented or even unusual, except for the fact that for a number of people climate hysteria has become a religion and the rich have figured out they can get even richer by stoking the hysteria and feeding off government “renewable” subsidies.  Historical, not hysterical, climate research actually shows that we are not living through anything exceptional in terms of climate, but rather that, nothwithstanding a lack of human-caused CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the earth has been this warm and dry multiple times before.

A study in Science uses data from the La Brea tar pit area in Los Angeles to study a period of extinction of large mammals from North America and discovers that natural climate change caused substantial warming and drought in a short time, which caused more fires, which may have contributed to the loss of these animal species.  Now the researchers try to blame early human occupation of the area for the fires and vegetative change, but that is garbage.  First, they lack clear evidence that humans had anything to do with the fires, and it is likely that any human occupation of the area was in its early stages and likely limited to coastal areas.  Second, even before human occupation there had been similar episodes of warming and drying in this area.  The southwestern US is mostly desert and has been for a long time.  (Science Article) 

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  • John Oh says:

    Getting pretty crazy out there. “Whom the gods would destroy . . . “

  • Tom Heller says:

    Thank you for your posts. I’m not naive enough to think that lying is new, but the lies about COVID, climate, economic data, race, sex, etc., are eerily reminiscent of the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Only a Nazi or Commie could look you in the eye and preach absolute fabulism.

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