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Extreme Weather Events

By September 12, 2023Commentary

The climate hysterics tell so many lies it is hard to figure out how to debunk them all.  That is a key part of their strategy, tell enough lies and maybe someone will believe some of them.  One of their favorites, because these events do occur with some frequency, is that extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and they are worse.  Both are bullshit, to be blunt.  This article examined information on natural disasters since 1900 registered in a common international database to ascertain trends.  Turns out that while there was linear growth in the early part of the period, and then rapid growth up to the end of the last century, since 2000 there has actually been a downturn.  This is true both of geophysical disasters, like earthquakes, which are unlikely to have any relation to weather, and those that are related to weather.  The growth in the number of natural disasters in the early and middle part of the study period is likely due to better identification and reporting of weather events, particularly in the less developed parts of the world.  That is logical since the human population and presence has expanded greatly in this time and technology has improved dramatically, such as weather radar.  Since the technology has been pretty consistent since 2000, or perhaps somewhat improved, the decline in report disasters would appear genuine, and this when we are supposedly experiencing accelerated warming.  Deaths have also declined, despite population growth, again likely due to far better warning technology.  Bad news for they climate hysterics, but don’t worry, they are shameless liars so nothing will stop them.  (EH Article)

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  • MARK D CULHAM says:

    Saw the same chicken little ‘report’ last nightWe can always count on the local ‘news’ readers to regurgitate whatever they are spoon-fed on the AP wire. Dutifully, they mindlessly read what is handed to them without question or any attempt to get a different perspective or to explore possible mitigating factors or data.

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