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Yet More Evidence of Contamination of Temperature Data by the Urban Heat Effect

By September 10, 2023Commentary

The basic measurement of supposed global warming is obviously temperature.  Temperature, like everything, is more complex than it may appear at first.  Temperature at the surface?  Land surface?  Ocean surface?  Global or certain areas?  In the atmosphere–how high in the atmosphere?  And so on.  Of course, the researchers who are league with the hysterics aren’t happy with raw temperature measurements, these needed to be adjusted according to their logic and of course, mysteriously, the adjustments almost always head upwards.  One of the known, long-standing issues with the temperature record is that where humans congregate in large numbers and conduct energy intensive activities, heat is created and that heat is reflected in the recorded temperatures, but isn’t a climate effect, although all that heat could affect local weather patterns.

Dr. Roy Spencer done a lot of work and publishing on the urban heat effect, and here is another study from a different group coming to the same conclusion–a lot of the supposed warming caused by CO2 emissions is actually due to that urban heat effect.  This analysis looked at northern hemisphere land temperatures.  It compared all temperatures with those from rural areas only.  The rural only one shows only 60% of the warming of the combined temperature record.  The climate establishment slipped up in allowing this article to be published, as here is the money conclusion:  ” the scientific community is not yet in a position to confidently establish whether the warming since 1850 is mostly human-caused, mostly natural, or some combination.”  And here I thought we were clearly in a climate crisis, indeed, an emergency, caused by human CO2 emissions.  (UHE Article)

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