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Hospital-Acquired CV-19

By September 9, 2023Commentary

Here is another stroll down the CV-19 memory lane.  You may recall that during the epidemic Dave Dixon and I made multiple efforts to get the state to release data on CV-19 hospitalizations that were either incidental–the admission wasn’t for CV-19, or the infection was actually acquired in the hospital.  The state refused to provide any information, notwithstanding the fact that it had the data; and it kept insisting that any such hospitalizations were very rare.  That was garbage, as some federal data showed high levels of incident hospitalizations.  The study looked at almost 300 hospitals with over 170,000 CV-19 hospitalizations.  In at least 4.4% of the hospitalizations CV-19 was acquired in the hospital, and in another 3.8% it could have been.  Various studies have shown the incidental hospitalization rate to be much higher.  The importance of this is that hospitalizations were constantly used as a key metric in the terror campaign and including hospitalizations that were incidental or actually acquired in a hospital makes that number misleading high.   (JAMA Study)

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