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Marijuana Is Not Benign

By September 7, 2023Commentary

The cannibis legalization craze ignores all sorts of social harms, including high rates of mental illness caused to teens, disruption by cannibis businesses and addiction issues.  We have enough problems with drunk drivers; now we also have stoned drivers.  A study in JAMA finds that legalization and commercialization in Canada were associated in an increase in emergency room visits related to driving under the influence of marijuana.   The effect was likely lessened by part of the study period being during the epidemic, when people were driving less.   Whooppee, that’s just great.  But don’t worry, our state legislators will ignore this, as it is more important for them to get the contributions from the big business that cannibis has become.  (JAMA Article)

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  • Jenkins says:

    Thank you for your courage in telling the truth about a drug that will increasingly plague our national future in every way.

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