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How Dangerous Was Asymptomatic CV-19?

By September 5, 2023September 6th, 2023Commentary

During the early part of the epidemic a big part of the terror campaign was telling people that asymptomatic infectees were major spreaders, so everyone should just stay indoors all the time by themselves, no matter how they felt, because you just couldn’t ascertain who was infected and who wasn’t.  That was never demonstrated, and it would seem most likely that asymptomatic people had pretty low viral loads.  New research from a challenge study indicates that it is highly unlikely that asymptomatic people were very transmissible.   Healthy young adults who were unvaccinated were used in the study.  They were exposed to CV-19 and the amount of virus exhaled was measured, for those who became infected, which interestingly was only a little over half of those exposed.  For those who were asymptomatic, the amount of virus was very low, a level that made it unlikely they were capable of transmitting to others.  Only two people exhaled over 80% of all virus detected, supporting the notion that there likely are superspreaders.   (Lancet Article)

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    It was surprising that asymtomatic individuals were treated as if they were just as infectous and a symtomatic individual. That belief is contrary to what has been well established medical knowledge.

  • The farther we get from the days of covid hysteria the more we see that either the officials in charge were idiots or more likely relishing the power they yielded.
    Some of this reminds me of the movie when the wind blows, where the simple citizen follows the government instructions for building a nuclear safe bunker in his house out of interior doors and couch pillows as a nuclear war is about to begin.
    But a lot of us fell into believing what we were being told.

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