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Climate Hysteria Feeds on Ignorance

By September 5, 2023Commentary

A note on the title of this post, unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance for it to feed on.  And a lot of misinformation, mostly promulgated in schools and the media.  Turns out the more you know, the less you worry.  A study in Climate Change surveyed over 2000 people in Germany.  Why anyone worries about climate change is beyond me, unless you just like being anxious.  It is ludicrous to imagine that either some catastrophe is imminent or that you could do anything about it even it would occur.  Those persons who know more about the environment in general and climate change in particular express less feelings of anxiety about putative climate change.  Now it isn’t clear what “facts” these supposedly more knowledgeable persons have absorbed and whether their reduced anxiety is because they have come to understand this is largely ginned-up hysteria or because they feel better since they directed their anxiety into becoming a climate warrior and gluing themselves to important works of art or blocking traffic.

Now along the way in this article it quotes from another piece of research.  Note this gem of truth well, I am again shocked it saw the light of day:  “In terms of cognitive knowledge, a surprising number of our strikers were not very aware about climate change; with some even stated that they had no knowledge and were merely striking to impress others (such as a romantic partner) or to give a friend company.”  Ya think?  Another good finding, which seemed to disappoint the authors, was that climate anxiety is quite low in general.  Apparently the population may be more on to the scam than is widely realized.  Or maybe Al Gore’s repeated doomsday predictions about the disappearance of the arctic ice and polar bears, which keep getting moved out a few years, have finally bred a little skepticism.  (Clim. Chg. Article)

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