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The Role of Clouds in Weather and Climate

By September 4, 2023Commentary

If there is one thing I have learned from extensive reading about climate and weather, it is that the system, both short-term and long-term, is extremely complex, with multiple interacting feedbacks that may enhance or reduce the trend in a particular parameter, such as temperature.  This is one reason I am so skeptical of the supposed over-riding impact of human CO2 emissions, and derisive of the whackos who claim we are in a climate crisis.  Willis Eschenbach is a well-educated lay person who has done great work taking raw data and challenging the climate hysterics.  He has the math and science understanding to do so in a credible fashion.

He has long pointed out that if there is warming, human caused or not, one of the primary feedbacks that gets adjusted in cloud cover and location.  Here is a lengthy post from Willis which summarizes his long-standing hypothesis that a warming world would have more cloud cover, with variation in location and type, which has the net effect of cooling the earth.  Most of the models used by climate hysterics fail to accurately replicate the impact of cloud changes.  I encourage people to read this post and not be discouraged–you can understand the terms and diagrams, Willis explains it very well.  (WUWT Post)

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  • John Oh says:

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Last week you wrote about the revisions to the payroll data. Models are used to predict the numbers, and every month after reporting we get a different story, always revised downward. And that’s just jobs. But modeling something as complex as climate over the long term is completely believable and must be accepted as the undeniable truth.

  • Pamela says:

    Very interesting to read this, though I am not at all schooled on that subject! I just like reading interesting stuff from interesting people. I did get the drift, and it makes sense! THIS should be TAUGHT, and EXPLORED ….wait,,,, in this current sad deviant culture, it totally goes AGAINST the pushed narrative by the Devil infested human-oids trying to destroy human culture. Sadly “it” takes over the weak,(duh!), and who knew there were so many of those in this current World. Maybe after the World resets again, cleans out all the riff raff, the Sun will, again, shine brightly, the sky will stay blue, puffy white clouds will appear, the birds will sing, the flowers will bloom, and the air will once again be pure and clean, free of what ails it! (see above) … least one can hope (what would 2,3 or many, many more do?) I am glad I’m old and lived in a much saner, decent, and respectable time!

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