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Now We Know Why Minnesota Hid Its School Attendance Data

By September 2, 2023Commentary

A week or so ago I posted on the distressing decline in school attendance that resulted from the epidemic and has persisted.  Interestingly, Minnesota was one of only two states that didn’t report data.  Now, thanks to Alpha News, we know why.  (If you don’t subscribe to Alpha News, you should, that way you will find out what is really happening in Minn.)   As I speculated, the state was hiding just how bad it is here.  The administration of Little Timmy Walz, supposedly so focused on education, has presided over a stark decline in regular school attendance.  Consistent attendance is defined as being in school at least 90% of the time.  According to state data, from 2019 to 2022 the number of students consistently attending school dropped from 85% to 70%.  Having even 15% of kids not regularly in school is a tragedy; 30% is unspeakable.  As you can well imagine the effect is worst among minorities and low-income students–those who need education the most to advance the quality of their lives as adults.  And the statewide number is dragged down by incredible stats out of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  In neither of those districts do even 50% of students have regular attendance.  So yeah, Fat Timmy, tell us again about how much you care about students and education.  I will say there is one positive side; at least those missing school aren’t getting indoctrinated and gender disaffirmed.  (Alpha News Story).   (State Data)

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