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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 221

By August 30, 2023Commentary

Another large scale study from the Veterans’ Administration, this one examining excess deaths up to two years following a CV-19 infection, compared to excess deaths among those who had not been infected.  The headline is that the impact is complex and although the overall mortality among infected veterans was twice that of uninfected ones, time period sub-analysis is important;  showing an elevated mortality rate in the first 90 days after infection, but no greater risk from 180 days post-infection on; in fact a lower risk of death in the second year.  This is interesting since it suggests that CV-19 deaths are largely substitutive and that CV-19, contrary to all the hullabaloo about long CV-19, does not significantly worsen a person’s overall health or exacerbate health conditions once a few months after infection have passed.    (JAMA Study)

I have chronicled repeatedly not just the failure of face masks to have any meaningful impact on the transmission of respiratory viruses, but the harms they could cause, including increasing the likelihood of infection.  Face masks are not composed of the most benign material, often including fiberglass among other things.  This paper suggests that face masks may be releasers of volatile organic compounds, which are not beneficial to human health.  (EES Study)

The likelihood of infection creating serious disease following vaccination was lower in persons who had higher levels of circulating antibodies and neutralizing antibodies.  Duhhh, but nice to have the obvious confirmed.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another piece of research on antibody dynamics following infection, vaccination or the combination thereof.  In general initial antibody levels dropped during the first few months following an exposure of either type, then stabilized, and could be reboosted following a subsequent infection or dose of vaccine.  Note, however, that each successive dose of vaccine resulted in a lower maximum level of antibody development; hence my caution that ongoing doses may be counterproductive.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And finally on the vax/infection immune response topic, this paper looking at the protective effect among adults 50 or over against serious disease, suggests that regardless of the immune response-creating event, the response lessened quickly.  But it appears that infection and hybrid immunity were superior to vaccination alone.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study from Australian researchers purports to look at the effects of spike protein, both from and infection and from vaccination, but it is a persuasion exercise, and has no actual research behind it.  The authors reveal their bias by referring to “high rates” of vaccine adverse events with absolutely zero credible evidence to support the statement.  the rest of the paper is speculation about spike protein hanging around for a long time and doing all kinds of health damage, which similarly has no support in the research.  Nothing but another fear-mongering piece of garbage with no support in data or research. The authors should be embarrassed to call this research.  (BioMed Article)


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