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I’m Back, the Country Isn’t

By August 28, 2023Commentary

I had to take a break for a couple of days, I can only read and write about alarming state of our society and culture for so much without getting pretty depressed.  So I tried to recharge, which likely didn’t work all that well, but I am back at it tonight.  I avoided initial comment on this, partly because I thought it would pretty obviously be the case.  I note that the Incompetent Blowhard, our very own little Timmy Walz, also avoided comment on it.  He was a teacher, so he knows how bad his profession has become in the state; and he has added billions to “educational” spending, meaning giving teachers and staff more pay for less student success; he has made it even harder to fire even the worst teachers and staff; and he has championed avoiding learning the basics in favor of gender confusion and racist ideology; so I guess he already knew what was coming.  And what came was a dreadful decline in student achievement, even by his lowered standards.

Our local paper, the Star Tribune, a wholly-owned sub of the Dem party, buries the blame, in fact never mentions it other than a vague reference to the epidemic.  But math and reading were declining even before the epidemic.  They also never manage to mention the statewide numbers. Less than half of Minnesota students read or do math at grade level, and the grade level standards are pathetically low.  This is validated by national evaluations as well.  Our largest school districts–Minneapolis and St. Paul, run by the insane Dem progressives, are just pathetic, and they spend the most per student, proving once more that more money does nothing.  In Minneapolis only 35% of students do math at grade level and 41% read at grade level.  At least that is better than St. Paul, where 26% do math and 34% read at expected level.  (Strib Story)

Everyone involved in this fiasco should fired.  Every school board member, every principal, every teacher, every staff person, and ideally the entire Department of Education.  The teachers’ union should be banned and its leaders jailed.  And of course the Governor, if he had an iota of decency would quit in disgrace.  He doesn’t and he won’t.  Now these are public schools, the worst of the worst.  Private schools are likely doing better.  So here is a great idea, one already adopted by several states, including one just south of us–stop funding failing schools; give the money to parents to send their children to schools of their choice or to homeschool.  Every place this has been tried, student learning gets much better.

The IB is hisself completely responsible for this.  He could have kept schools open.  He could have insisted that teachers learn how to teach not indoctrinate.  He could have made sure that incompetent teachers got fired quickly, but then he wouldn’t have had a job.  He could have helped law enforcement instead of demonizing it, so that young children were deterred from turning to carjacking, drug dealing, burglary and worse.  But he didn’t do any of this, in fact, he did the opposite.  Of course the worthless rag of a paper that the Strib has become didn’t see fit to pin any of this on him.  It has become nothing but a shill for the whacked Dem party, and will go to any lengths to protect Walz and his deranged colleagues in the state administration and legislature.  But this is all directly and completely attributable to one person–Fat Timmy.  Who now thinks he is some role model for the rest of the country and apparently even has presidential ambitions.  God save us all.

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  • Pamela says:

    Bravo! I so look forward, although sadly, to your column. You tell it like it is! As a former Minnesotan, who’s children attended public schools in rural southern Mn, around 20 yrs ago, I am appalled, disgusted and heart sick at how the democrats-demonrats… same thing, are destroying the state of Minn.! They are indeed controlled by Satan, who always goes for the weak-minded, easily controlled types. “It” has throughout history! Once “It” targets the weakminded, mostly democrats, they become his good little soldiers, and they cannot be reasoned with anymore! Their brains are almost forever tainted and they will join their new master when they take their dirt nap.Too bad they can’t be sterilized to stop the procreation of more! Makes me think of cockroaches (sorry, cockroaches) I used to feel a bit sad for them, now I just want them to go home to papa-satan where they belong. God gifted us all with free will, so how can anyone feel sorry for them? Tell me the human world isn’t heading for another huge reset, yet again!? A Clean out of the weakminded riff raff..How sad is that for humanity! At least for the decent ones to have to go through! God knows who they are! And everyone’ps gonna die sometime! There, another day, another rant! Time for supper! Keep up the good work!

    • DrP says:

      “Private schools are likely doing better.”

      I’ve been in higher education for well over 40 years. Please remember that the same Leftist teacher colleges produce the pool of pseudo teachers from which both public and private schools (sKools?) hire from.

      The dumbing down of the American educational system has been well thought out by those who despise this country.

  • Dan says:

    Nothing will ever change. Who do you think keeps voting Democrats into power? 99% of these people who can’t read and write will become Democrats or already are Democrats and will vote for Democrats forever. Not being able to read and write is part of the brain washing Democrats use to indoctrinate the young members of our society.

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