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Dr. Osterholm Tells the Truth on Masks

By August 23, 2023Commentary

A letter has been obtained and released from Dr. Michael Osterholm of our very own University of Minnesota to the CDC and a bunch of other government recipients.  I have spoken with Dr. Osterholm during the epidemic and while we disagreed on some issues, it was a pleasant conversation.  Turns out that he was in firm agreement with me about the futility of masking and the dangers of implying that they were effective at preventing transmission or serious disease.  The letter was written in November of 2021, in the midst of the epidemic and pre-Omicron.  In the letter, the good doctor basically accuses the CDC in particular of spreading misinformation about mask effectiveness.  Wonder if the authors of the JAMA article I posted are flipping out, since they said what CDC put out was the “science” and truth.

As I and countless others continually pointed out, the CDC twisted studies and data to fit its message and left out data which didn’t support its message.  Dr. Osterholm confirms this criticism.  The letter is signed by a number of other professors and scientists.  Somehow CDC never saw fit to release this letter at the time or respond to it publicly.  And while I credit Dr. Osterholm for writing it, he should have made it public as well.  And the Walz administration was clearly aware of it, since it was relying on several of the addressees and signatories.  But Fat Timmy never mentioned it in his bloviating press conferences.  If you wonder why the public distrusts “science” and “experts”, this is a classic example of what creates that distrust.  (Osterholm letter)

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  • John Oh says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. Osterholm was on Joe Rogan in the early days of covid and seemed like he not only had the academic background in public health but had also worked on some serious problem in the real world. I don’t recall the disease but a community had to be locked down while cases were isolated and vaccines distributed. I’m not surprised the letter was suppressed by CDC. And not surprised that Osterholm chose not to publicize it. If they can turn Bhattacharya, Kuldorff and Gupta in to tinfoil hat cranks, Osterholm wouldn’t even have had a chance to clear out his office. Interesting how questioning authority is no longer tolerated when a couple decades ago it was required.

  • Pamela says:

    Oops! Hit wrong button…back to topic. I’m so inspired by you for calling out all the crap (demoncrap caused) that the Country is bombarded with continually! Kinda reminds me of dogs…the good dogs obey the rules, get along with everyone/everything, and are an asset in many different ways to everyone they exist around. Then there are the bad dogs..usually untrained, etc.etc. They make lots of noise, attack other living things, can’t assimilate in a decent society, and either need to be kept away from other living things, or be put down! And, Humans are just 2 legged animals as well. That, in a nutshell, is the difference between good and bad creatures. I find it so interesting how people are attracted to one of the 2 different partys! I’m sure you can tell which party I identify with! Too bad so many people are bent the other way! Also interesting how just 2 letters can change the spelling, but not the meaning of words. Consider swapping the c with the letter n in these 2 words…demo(c)rat and demo(n)rat…meaning is still the same…that’s my rant for the day.. Keep doing what you do so well!

  • S.M. Inglis says:

    Not sure about Dr.Osterholms and masks. Recently claimed that he contracted Covid because he didn’t wear a mask (N95) on a brief elevator ride. Really?

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