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Coming Soon to Minnesota

By August 19, 2023Commentary

Minnesota has gone full-whacked with the beserk Dems in control of the legislature, governorship and courts.  We aren’t quite as insane as California, but getting there quickly and our financial state would almost certainly follow, since we don’t have the large tech companies that California does and therefore don’t provide excessive capital gains to tax.  Hat tip to the Powerline Blog for first commenting on this WSJ article I read as well, which unfortunately is not parody.  Not only are schools determined to be brainwashing indoctrinators to create Dem voters, they have no interest in producing adults who actually know anything useful or will be productive workers in society.

The latest outrage is detailed in the article.  It is beyond sad.  Not only are we not a meritocracy, where people, including students, are rewarded for hard work and accomplishment, but we must punish those who work hardest and do best.  Because…., because….., well just because.  Mostly because their might not be enough black students or white students or Asian students or Hispanics or women or whatever the 84th gender currently is, or whatever identity bullshit is the current pro(re)gressive rage, who do well.  So an intentional sinking to the lowest common denominator.  (WSJ Article)

All that matters to Dems at this point is getting more Dem voters by indoctrination, voters who never question what they are being told and who keep teachers and other government workers overpaid and never able to be fired no matter how bad they are.  The revolution we need is to fire at least half of all government workers, to ban any political contributions of any type by any government worker or government worker organization and in regard to the federal government, to completely break-up the agencies–disperse them far and wide across the country, so their evil isn’t concentrated in DC.

The damage that has been done by these ideological idiots is now irreversible, I have to say, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to get rid of them and their policies.  Meanwhile China eats our lunch by having a real education system and churning out engineers and scientists by the hundreds of thousands, even though they have their own political indoctrination agenda.  At least they try to create smart, accomplished adults who can contribute to society’s betterment.

And if you think this won’t be adopted in Minnesota, or hasn’t already in places like Minneapolis and St. Paul, just read this, which also is not parody and describes the state’s determination to start indoctrinating children in kindergarten.  (Mn. Woke Kindergarten)

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